Preparing for school exams? Need extra help? The good news is that ZA Books, brought to you by Core Group, now has revision and study guides for Grades 8 to 12 on all key subjects, plus free past exam papers available to download onto your iPad. 
Exam practice books have a starting price of R50, and Oxford University Press has selected poetry study guides covering a single poem at R9.90 each. Exam papers cover both the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Independent Examination Board (IEB) exams, and are available for free.

Publishers include Berlut Books, Cambridge University Press, Department of Basic Education, Macmillan, Macrat, Maskew Miller Longman, Oxford University Press, Pearson and The Answer Series.

“All the top SA publishers have made their study guides available for iPad, which is really exciting for students as they can now do their revision on the device that is so familiar to them,” says Michelle Lissoos, Managing Director of Think Ahead Education Solutions., “I remember the exam panic to go get study guides -no more – you can just download them all in one place, onto your iPad.”

ZA Books is the largest digital local textbook store in South Africa that is exclusive to Apple iPad. ZA Books has more than 2 800 curriculum-relevant titles from 32 leading publishers, on average at cheaper prices than the printed versions. Since its launch in 2012, ZA Books has become a favourite platform for students and teachers as the e-books look exactly like the printed version, and allow learners to collect and access their textbooks all on one device, the iPad.

Teachers and learners can buy and easily access textbooks by using the free iPad app, and choose from titles for grades 1 to 12. The features of the app include adding drawings, highlighting text, making notes and bookmarking.
On the store, you can register as a student, parent or teacher. If you are buying textbooks for more than one student, you will be given the option to allocate a book to each user after your purchase. If you are purchasing textbooks for yourself, the books will be available immediately.

“We have seen successful student, teacher and school use of ZA Books text books – now students can access study guides and exam papers to supplement and support their revision,” concludes Lissoos.