Driven by more flexible, interactive content that helps organisations be more “cutting edge”, digital signage will experience strong growth over the next two years.
The transition from static, paper-based signage to digital content is developing quickly as companies understand the benefits of digital solutions as indicated by high satisfaction rates among users. New survey results from International Data Corporation (IDC) show nearly 82% of companies currently using digital signage are “very satisfied” with the technology.

“The signage market is undergoing significant transformation,” says Keith Kmetz, vice-president of IDC’s Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions research. “Current digital signage implementations are producing significant value by enabling content that is changeable and interactive for its target audience. This new level of communication is an effective broadcast medium that will continue to increase in usage.”

Additional survey findings include:
* About half of all companies are using digital signage, with the highest percentage in banking, insurance, and larger companies.
* Top-ranked features for digital signs are display quality, display cost, and ease of use.
* A direct vendor-to-customer relationship is key, but not all company sizes and vertical markets need this.
* Interest in implementing digital signage remains tepid amongst those who don’t currently use digital signage; however, digital signage penetration will continue to increase among current users over the next two years.

The increased availability of digital signage technology will threaten the established printed signage market. Digital signage is certainly a potential disruptor to large format printing of signage.