Kaspersky Lab presents a new version of Kaspersky Security Scan, a free solution for Windows-based computers. Now the scanner not only detects malicious software and operating system settings that make the device vulnerable, but also offers users advice on resolving any issues identified.

Kaspersky Security Scan enables users to quickly scan their computers for cyber-threats. The scanner works even if there is another security solution installed on the computer. However, according to Kaspersky Security Scan data, 19% of devices on which the solution was installed in the first quarter of 2015, were not protected – that is to say, there was no antivirus solution installed on the devices or an existing solution was disabled.

Unsurprisingly, during the same period the scanner detected malware on nearly one fifth (18%) of the devices it scanned. In addition, dangerous vulnerabilities, such as blocked system processes, hidden files and so on, were found on 40% of computers. These statistics indicate that many users today need additional protection.

As well as finding threats on the device, the updated Kaspersky Security Scanner also offers advice about how to get rid of these threats. For example, the scanner may suggest that users install specialised applications to clean an infection or encourage them to change operating system settings. Detailed information about OS settings is available in the scanner’s main window. The new version also allows users to enable regular automatic scans on those days which are convenient for them.

“It is important to remember that although free solutions are undoubtedly useful, they cannot replace Internet Security-class protection, because for a long time now the techniques used by cybercriminals have encompassed more than just malware,” says Vladimir Zapolyansky, vice-president, Product and Technology Marketing, Kaspersky Lab. “The scanner can quickly scan the computer for potential risks when there are no other options, or it can complement an existing antivirus solution to strengthen security. However, in all other cases an integrated, multi-tier security solution should be used on a permanent basis.”