TransUnion Auto, the automotive solutions division of TransUnion, has announced the addition of a new Stockloader feature to its innovative 1Check application (app) for auto dealers.
The app, which assists dealers with reducing their risk of test drive fraud and theft, now offers even greater value with a low cost, easy-to-use, mobile stock management tool.

Stockloader enables dealers to easily upload and manage stock, as well as download comprehensive stock reports to identify overage vehicles, view current and projected book values as well as historical depreciation. In addition, dealers can submit stock data to third-party systems and link customers as well as their trade-ins to create a single electronic deal file.

“We identified a need in the market for a cost effective and intuitive tool that allows dealers to easily manage their stock not only on their computer, but also on smartphones and tablets. Stockloader was developed to meet this need, and it offers a comprehensive and affordable solution that will add tremendous value for dealers, with innovative features that take full advantage of the benefits of mobile devices,” says Kriben Reddy, director of Product Development at TransUnion Auto.

Ease of use is one of the key features of this tool, enabling dealers to capture their floor stock by simply scanning the license disk of the vehicle and capturing key pieces of information along with pictures of the vehicle. The system then automatically includes the current book value of the vehicle, and enables the dealer to perform any pedigree checks that may be required.

A full stock report can be downloaded, providing all of the information about the vehicle, including its current book value, three month projected values with historical depreciation and an indication of overage. Values will automatically be updated on a monthly basis to ensure information remains current.

Once a vehicle is sold, dealers can easily update the vehicle status and remove it from the current stock list. The solution also enables stock information to be pushed to third-party systems such as online retailers and dealer management systems, ensuring full integration with existing systems.

“By making use of additional complementary products within the 1Check app, dealers link a customer to a vehicle in stock, as well as linking the vehicle that the customer wants to trade in with the dealer. This allows the dealer to create an all-inclusive electronic deal file, with all of the key elements pertaining to the deal. The app provides a holistic solution to the dealer at a fraction of the cost of other tools in the dealer space,” says Reddy.”

The TransUnion 1Check app leverages the power of the TransUnion database of over 19 million consumer records. It also includes information from the TransUnion Auto database, which is the largest one consisting of vehicle manufacturers, financing and valuation records in South Africa. The combined databases give motor dealers the ability for instant, unprecedented decision-making power. Other products available in the 1Check app include Test Drive, Quick Credit, Accident Report, Verification Report, Valuations and Historical Values.

Stockloader costs R500 per month per dealer as part of 1Check, which is available for download on iOS and Android as well as Blackberry, and can also be accessed via a web portal.