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Zapper calls for charities to sign up


Zapper has introduced a platform to provide charitable organisations with a secure channel to garner funds and source donations through mobile platforms. According to Zapper, marketing manager, Maliza Booysen, the initiative was launched last year and 23 charities have already applied to use the platform.
“Zapper Donations allows charities to display their Zapper QR code on any merchandise. In this way patrons can quickly and easily make donations to their favourite charities by using the Zapper App on their mobile phones. It’s as simple as: scan, pay, go,” says Booysen.

She further explains that from the perspective of the charities the ease of payment increases the likelihood of people taking the very brief time required to finalise a donation. “Most charities will tell you that the longer it takes people to complete a donation process, the higher the likelihood they will either lose patience, or interest and not finalise the payment. Through Zapper the conversion of funds in the account from good intention is much higher. The donor must just open the Zapper App, scan the QR code, and decide on the amount – which can be prescribed by the charity or the donor can specify. All payments can be effected via debit or credit cards.”

Charities already signed up for the Zapper donation platform include: LIV Village; Foodbank SA; the Zip-Zap Circus School Trust; Doctor’s On Mission and one of the latest additions is Pug Rescue SA.
Cheryl Gaw, Pug Rescue SA adds: “The Zapper Donation channel will ensure that we have a convenient offering available to individuals who would like to support the work we do. Albeit we are called Pug Rescue we also help other breeds of dogs – when and where we are in a position to add value.”

Pug Rescue SA also runs an animal outreach project in the Gabon informal settlement in Daveyton where they offer veterinary care, sterilisation and food to animals in need.

“Zapper is a young vibrant company with an exciting and inclusive approach to our market. We aim to make a difference with a value proposition both to the business and greater community in South Africa. It is our vision to create an intertwined network of charities and enable them to be as visible as our commercial customers and partners are on all print, plus digital platforms and not just mobile. This will facilitate a non-intimidating payment process that aims to increase the donations vitally needed by organisations that fill these important gaps in our society. We are calling on charitable bodies to contact us to sign up,*” says Booysen.