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Bitnami, VMware offer vCloud Air OnDemand


Bitnami and VMware have announced they are bringing one-click application and development stack deployment to VMware vCloud Air OnDemand. VMware vCloud Air enables organisations to extend on-premises IT infrastructure seamlessly to the public cloud.
The resulting hybrid cloud is compatible with a customer’s existing applications, and allows them to build new cloud-native applications, delivering agility and efficiency to the business in a secure, reliable and compliant manner.

The Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air OnDemand provides fully configured and ready-to-run cloud templates that can be launched with just a few clicks onto any size cloud instance. This makes it incredibly easy for users to deploy apps and spin up development environments, without having to manually configure anything. By removing complexities associated with the cloud and by providing more applications for users to run, Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air can provide a low-friction path for users to run their applications in the hybrid cloud.

Bitnami’s cloud images are pre-configured, optimised and easy to run, making it extremely easy for technical and non-technical users alike to run applications in the cloud. They’re also continuously updated and improved to allow the best possible experience. With the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air, users can begin running applications in the cloud in minutes. Bitnami also makes it easier to develop and test applications in the cloud with its complete, standardised development stacks and tools, and offers the largest source of popular server software images, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and many others.

“Bitnami’s virtual machine images have been extremely popular with Bitnami users,” says Erica Brescia, COO of Bitnami. “Adding support for VMware vCloud Air OnDemand gives our enterprise users, who have already standardised on VMware, a way to seamlessly move applications between private and public cloud environments.”

“We are excited to be working with Bitnami to bring one-click application and developer stacks deployment to vCloud Air OnDemand,” says Michael Cincinatus, senior director, Product Management, Cloud Services, VMware. “With the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air, users can begin running their applications in a hybrid cloud that is fully compatible with their on-premises infrastructure almost no time.”

  • Christy Max

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  • Sunny Gomes

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