New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology is being introduced supporting the growing need of enterprises to deploy a pervasive WLAN infrastructure. As part of the unified access technology designed to meet corporation’s mobility requirements, the expanded WLAN capabilities offer businesses more tools to deliver an Application Fluent Network (AFN) for a seamless user experience across the enterprise infrastructure. These new WLAN elements deliver speed, performance, scalability and intelligence for today’s digital environment.

These new technology innovations include:

* New WLAN controller: A new cost effective controller, OAW-4450, supports up to 256 Access Points (APs) and 8k client devices.
* New WLAN Access Points: Three new 802.11ac access points join the product portfolio:
1. An outdoor AP, the OmniAccess WLAN Access Point (OAW-AP277) offers six built-in directional antennas and aggregate throughput performance >1Gbps.
2. An AP with extended temperature range, the OmniAccess WLAN Access Point (OAW-AP228), is a low-cost hardened AP for locations where there are large temperature fluctuation but do not require weather protection casing.
3. An indoor AP, the OmniAccess WLAN Access Point (OAW-AP205H/IAP205H) designed for hospitality, branch office, and home office deployment, with an integrated Power Over Ethernet (PoE) port for IP phone or other device connectivity.

* New AOS-W: The latest software AOS-W release 6.4.3 provides new capabilities for wireless mesh functionality among 802.11ac APs. Additional enhancements provide enriched support for branch and remote office and include:
* WAN Link Failure resiliency provides limited connectivity in a branch office environment even when the WAN link is down.
* Bandwidth Contract provides the ability to classify and identify applications on the network.