Master Data Management, reseller of Collibra in Southern Africa, has announced the Collibra’s latest advancement in data governance technology, Collibra Connect.
Collibra Connect enables Active Data Governance, which ensures that your policies are followed, issues resolved, and reference data synchronised across your entire system and data landscape. Collibra Connect links the data sources, business applications, data lakes, data quality systems, and all sources of metadata into a responsive system. These connections enable changes to be detected and policies applied immediately, without manual steps. Organisations get data that is actionable and trustworthy.

“Collibra Connect is a key component of our strategy to deliver Active Data Governance to our customers.” says Collibra CEO Felix Van de Maele. “Collibra is the leader in making data governance an operational reality, and this technology allows that governance to be applied instantly across the landscape of systems and data. Our customers can rely on their data, knowing that the policies are followed, that their data is reliable, and that their risks are lowered.”

“Many of our customers struggle to share and coordinate data assets that are captured in a plethora of, often, very technical tools. Collibra Connect provides a simple interface to quickly share these assets with all knowledge workers through Collibra’s business oriented work bench. With this component Collibra helps to move data governance from IT to business, where it belongs” says Gary Allemann, MD of MDM.

Automate Compliance
Collibra Connect provides the API access and information transfer to instantly evaluate changes and ensure complete and verifiable compliance.

Integrate to business systems and data
Collibra Connect comes with out-of-the-box templates for integration with big data, data management, reporting, and data quality tools, which can be adapted and deployed quickly. In addition, it has powerful connectors to access many other types of systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, Human Resources (HR), Sales, Supply Chain and Analytics. Collibra Connect actively links the information assets from these systems that are needed for data governance.

Provision changes instantly
Once Collibra Connect is linked to these systems, any changes to policies as the result of issue resolution or modifications to information such as reference data can be applied instantly across the entire connected landscape.

Reduce time to trustworthy data
The combination of prebuilt integration templates, solid application integration technology and automation allows organisations to quickly and efficiently implement active data governance, and to evolve the scope of data governance over time as their needs change. Organisations that use Collibra Connect get more value, more quickly from their data governance investments.

Collibra Connect will be available from the end of July 2015.