Companies are now for the first time able to host devices, apps and other items on a mobile connection without their publicly accessible IP addresses changing. OpenWeb has launched Mobile Static IP packages, offering customers up to LTE speed mobile data with 5 static public IP addresses.

Businesses cannot always get a reliable ADSL or fibre connection but still require static public IP addresses for their applications such as VoIP, CCTV cameras, VPN’s and servers.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says there has been a growing demand for a truly business mobile product that clients can easily deploy without the need for fixed line installations. “This product is perfect for CCTV remote sites, disaster recovery, VoIP at satellite branches and much more.”

Packages include mobile data and the hardware required to deliver the static IP addresses to one’s network. Fixed lines are no longer required, the product runs over a mobile network.

“Our Mobile Static IP product runs over a platinum grade network offering customers world class access. We offer a 3 tier international failover solution, powered by Seacom, WACS and SAT3.

Mobile Static IP packages range from R899 for 6Gb to R2999 for 24Gb.