Affordable mobile voice network, me&you mobile, is launching one of the industry’s most competitive month-to-month data bundles at R300 for 5Gb of mobile data. It is also reducing its 2Gb mobile data bundle price from R300 to R250.

The new rates became available from 1 July as part of me&you mobile’s “structured deals”.
me&you mobile enables users to adapt their packages month-to-month to their changing needs. Bundle top-ups allow users to remain in bundle all the time, without having to overspend on more than they need.

“Our in-bundle data rates are highly competitive, especially if you look at our per megabyte rates,” says me&you mobile CEO, Brett Howell. The company’s data bundles range from 25c/Mb all the way down to 6c/Mb, depending on the bundle.

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) also offers what it claims are South Africa’s lowest guaranteed voice call rates. Packages include an in-bundle call rate of 39c per minute, any time of the day to any other network, on a R500 per month in-bundle voice rate package; and a R300 per month unlimited talk time package, also for calls to any network, any time of day.

“The beauty of being an MVNO which operates online is that we are lean and able to respond quickly to market demand,” says Howell. “When we launched with the R300 Unlimited Talk offer, customers responded by asking us to do something similar for data as well. We saw a huge market demand for well-priced data products and created the 5Gb data offering in response. We’ll continue to innovate and launch products that the market is asking for.”

Howell explains how me&you mobile is able to offer its competitive rates: “We don’t throw millions into marketing, physical stores and other big overheads and are therefore able to pass those savings onto our customers. We also do not have the costs associated with expensive handsets built into our product pricing.

“We can see the market’s appreciation for our approach in our performance to date, as we’ve exceeded our targets for the first two months. We’ve had very positive feedback from customers so far. We’ve also seen a very high level of customers choosing to port their numbers to our network, which means they like what they see,” Howell adds.