With the onset of the digital enterprise, the security landscape has shifted – no longer is security a question of staying behind the walls erected to protect the business, but rather requires an approach that covers a multitude of environments and threats. From the cloud to mobile devices, potential entry points abound, and threat actors continue to escalate.

“Bitdefender’s business suite covers all of the threats the modern enterprise faces, including physical and virtual desktops and servers as well as mobile devices. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, Bitdefender has a complete security solution for businesses,” says Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact Software Distribution.

Part of this portfolio is GravityZone, a security management solution that has been tested as the lightest on the market. Tested under industry benchmark Login VSI, the product’s response latency was just short of that of a system with no security at all.

“In testing under real-world conditions, conducted by taking the system to near overload to simulate peak work periods, GravityZone had less than half the latency impact of its nearest competitor and used approximately three times less computing power. When taking into account that GravityZone combines all the security services an organization needs into a single delivery platform, this performance is especially impressive,” says Blaeser.

GravityZone set a new security benchmark when it introduced a three-second immune response – the first in the industry – and its ability to be used with any endpoint anywhere, conforming to corporate policies, physical and virtual environments and varying hardware performance.

GravityZone’s on-premise and cloud-based protection for Microsoft Exchange offers intuitive, centralised management while physical and virtual Linux machines benefit from on-access and on-demand security. Security for physical endpoints is hardened by centralised scanning.

“And business evolves to incorporate technologies such as the cloud, security needs to protect against new threats. Modern extended networks allow businesses of all sizes to change the way they interact with and deliver value to customers and partners, but this has created even more opportunities for hackers to access the company network. While our defences have also evolved, organisations often have complexity and fragmented security solutions that still have holes in them. A solution like GravityZone will change the way modern businesses approach security,” Blaeser concludes.