CloudBerry Lab has announced the availability of CloudBerry Dedup Server, a data deduplication solution for Windows Server. The solution can reduce storage volume requirements by up to 90% for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) backing up their data to the cloud and allows IT services resellers to make their managed backup offerings even more attractive to SMBs. Working in conjunction with CloudBerry Backup, the solution deduplicates backups and can be used with multiple cloud-based data storage platforms.

CloudBerry Dedup Server processes all data received from client workstations and servers to scan for blocks of data identical to what has already been archived. Once it identifies a block of identical data, it discards that block and instead uses a reference to the identical block already in storage. After deduplication is completed, all data is moved directly to a customer’s cloud storage account.

“The intelligence we’ve built into CloudBerry Dedup Server significantly enhances the value proposition represented by cloud backup solutions for both SMBs and IT services resellers,” says Alexey Serkov, CTO at CloudBerry Lab. “For SMB users, it makes the process much more affordable, while resellers can make their managed cloud backup offerings much more efficient and competitive.”

By bringing this intelligence to the backup process, CloudBerry enables SMBs to significantly reduce the total cost of cloud backup. Tests have shown that in a typical SMB environment (assuming a server with 30 users, 100GB/user, 10% daily incremental and a 30 day retention policy), storage and bandwidth usage over time decreases by up to 78% for e-mail backups, 72% for document backups, and 60% for media backups. What’s more, total storage savings in this test environment averages out to almost 12 terabytes per year.


Key features in CloudBerry Dedup Server include:

* Compression – use cloud storage space more efficiently and reduce Internet traffic by compressing data sent to the cloud.

* Encryption – increase the security of backups with a 256-bit AES algorithm.

* Bare Metal and System State Backup Support – deduplicates backups for System State and Bare Metal Recovery.

* Simple Restore – restore directly from client computers. No additional configuration/maintenance required.

* Ease of Configuration – seamless integration with Windows Active Directory allows client computers to automatically discover servers with CloudBerry Dedup Server.

* SQL Server and Exchange Support – effectively process and deduplicate SQL Server databases and Exchange mailstores.

* Support for all Popular Cloud Storage Providers – designed for multiple cloud-based data storage platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace, HP Cloud, IBM SoftLayer and others.

* Compatible with all Editions of CloudBerry Backup – including Managed Backup, Desktop, Server, and Bare Metal Restore.