With the rapid advancement of technology and business demands, organisations require mobile business applications that can run cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows and the Web) using a wide range of mobile devices to assist mobile workers throughout their supply chain.

Using the latest, new generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), MakeMeMobile, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, can develop, customise and quickly deploy mobile applications across all major operating systems and devices.

Andrew Fosbrook, director of MakeMeMobile, comments, “Gone are the days of developing separate, dedicated solutions for each operating system and device. By using a MEAP, such as MobileFrame, we are able to rapidly create, deploy and administer mobile applications that work across multiple operating systems and devices to suit our customers’ needs.”

These applications allow electronic data collection and managed workflow to be seamlessly integrated from the field to back-end systems, providing mobile workers with real-time access to the data and ensuring that back-end systems remain fully up-to-date with the latest field data.

According to Fosbrook, MobileFrame is specifically designed for business applications, providing everything an enterprise needs to ensure that their mobility operations run smoothly and deliver high returns on investment.

“The latest version of MobileFrame allows us to quickly and easily design, integrate, deploy and manage sophisticated mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows-based operating systems,” adds Fosbrook, “and to create native and/or feature-rich web applications in less time and with less effort than many other mobile application development tools on the market.

“Using MobileFrame, we’ve developed and deployed a wide range of applications for our clients, from mobile sales automation, mobile field service and proof of delivery, inventory tracking to asset management.”

According to Fosbrook, a successful enterprise mobility solution requires more than just the mobile application. “It also requires the necessary tools. With MobileFrame, we have fully-integrated rapid mobile deployment tools, mobile device management, enterprise-class data management, robust synchronisation, a fully native disconnected client database so your users can work even without network connectivity, GPS tracking, project administration tools, military-grade security from end-to-end, scalable server options, and so much more.”