Pamoja, a Seacom-owned company that focuses on the establishment, aggregation and wholesale delivery of cloud services for the African market, has become a Microsoft-validated partner for the Microsoft Cloud Platform and the Azure global cloud. This enables Pamoja to deliver Microsoft Cloud Platform-based data centre solutions to African enterprises and service providers from within Africa’s borders.

Clients will benefit from access to consistent, powerful hybrid cloud solutions that span their own data centres, the Microsoft Windows Azure infrastructure, and the Pamoja cloud. Pamoja is only the second cloud provider in Africa to be added to the elite list of partners who deliver Microsoft-validated solutions for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Says Albie Bester, CEO at Pamoja: “We’re delighted to form part of the Cloud OS Network, a worldwide group of select service providers that partner closely with Microsoft to offer customers hybrid cloud and Azure-enabled solutions. Together with Microsoft, we’ll work to implement hybrid solutions that minimise risk and simplify the move to the cloud.

“Clients will have the peace of mind of knowing that any solution they choose is supported by Microsoft. Depending on their business needs, they can stay on their private cloud, try the benefits of the Azure public cloud, move to the Pamoja cloud, or mix-and-match these options. Whichever route they choose, the solution will be powerful, scalable, and reliable to support mission-critical and data intensive workloads.”

Customers can make decisions about where to host services based on business needs rather than technology limitations. For example, they may want to keep data in a Pamoja data centre within their own country’s borders to comply with data security and privacy laws. At the same time, they might want to use the Azure infrastructure for applications where they are not managing sensitive personal information.

The solution from Pamoja and Microsoft supports clients with a consistent hybrid cloud platform with integrated virtualisation to easily move workloads between environments without change. This enables better optimisation of IT resources while providing limitless scale, compute, storage, and networking for the countless day-to-day needs of operations and the workforce.

He adds: “Microsoft has both real public cloud scale experience and a deep understanding of legacy infrastructures, making it a perfect partner for our customers’ needs. We will work with Microsoft and each client who wants to adopt a roadmap and meet business needs for compliance, security, and high availability.”