Sage has announced that its payments division, Sage Payment Solutions, has launched a new extension for Magento, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, powering more than 240 000 sites globally.
This extension allows Magento customers to integrate payment processing directly into their online stores. In addition, this extension enables merchants using Magento to synchronize with Sage accounting software on the back end for seamless end-to-end money management.

Small businesses around the world face potential challenges managing their business in today’s real-time, connected environment. According to industry analyst firm SMB Group, “technology continues to fuel changes in what, where, and how SMB (Small & Medium businesses, with 1 to 999 employees) work gets done.”

“E-tailers we work with will find the combination of Sage Payments and Magento is an efficient way of integrating their multi-channel payment processes with a robust back-end accounting package; it’s a huge competitive advantage for them,” says Edward Solomon, cofounder of Net@Work, a leading Sage and Magento business partner. “Sage Payments consistently stays ahead in the e-commerce merchant space, helping partners like us meet the growing demands of our customers.”

Through Sage Integration as a Service (IaaS) payments technology, known as Sage Payments Anywhere, SMBs can transact from any environment — brick and mortar, mobile, or e-commerce — and have those payment transactions integrate and reconcile right into the Sage accounting software, saving them time and providing them with more financial accuracy and real-time visibility into their cash flow.

“We’re excited about this Magento extension,” said Eric Boazman, senior vice president of sales and business development for Sage Payment Solutions. “The feature-rich Magento platform already empowers fast-growing businesses with strong e-commerce capabilities, and now those businesses can process payments easily and securely through Sage Payment Solutions. Even better, those payments can integrate and reconcile right into the businesses’ accounting system.”

Through the Sage proprietary gateway and platform, customers can accept all payment types—credit, debit, check and more — consolidated from anywhere — the online shopping cart, retail store, on-the-go mobile device or manual back-office terminals. All of these payments can seamlessly flow into a central hub for reporting and accounting, simplifying businesses’ day-to-day operations.

Sage Payments Anywhere integration solutions are tailored to fit a wide range of needs — from simple plug-and-play applications with a variety of the largest e-commerce, accounting and technology providers to completely custom applications designed to meet a specific client or business challenge.