If the recent outages by large local service providers is anything to go by, then you need to ensure that your business data that is hosted in the cloud is secure, backed up and recoverable. It is with this that local cloud platform and cloud products distributor Tarsus Cloud On Demand, is offering customers a free Arcserve 14 day rolling backup for cloud servers, when purchasing its Azure Pack local Azure like services. 
By marrying the cloud services of Microsoft’s Azure Pack products and the on-premise and cloud based backup and disaster recovery capabilities of Arcserve, Tarsus Cloud On Demand customers can be assured of a safe and secure cloud experience, helping them mitigate the risks associated to data loss.

“We recently saw a large service provider’s infrastructure fail, causing several of its customer’s virtual machines (VMs) to be completely wiped out – the business upheaval this caused these customers is insurmountable,” states Jonathan Kropf, CEO at Tarsus Cloud On Demand. “These types of failures in an era where there are products like Arcserve on the market that help facilitate effective backup and disaster recovery capabilities is simply not acceptable.

“It is with this that in order to help our customers better evidence the benefits and ease of application offered by Arcserve when combined with Azure Pack, we are offering a free 14 day rolling backup for all cloud servers they elect to host with us,” he adds.

Many local customers are still in the throes of deciding whether or not to migrate into the cloud. Outages such as the aforementioned one do little to ease the concerns of these companies. However, according to Kropf, the concern when selecting the right mix of vendor technologies and coupling this within a local environment that was born in the cloud, are unfounded.

The Tarsus Cloud On Demand Azure Pack solution is made up of a Server and Virtual Machines component that enables customers to launch, scale and deploy Windows Server and Linux in minutes. It also provides SQL Server on Azure Pack, ideal for IT teams looking to create VMs for development and testing environments.

What’s more, you can also make use of it to deploy the full range of open and community driven OS and software solutions on Azure Pack, which includes Ubuntu, SUSE, Chef, Puppet and Docker as well as Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server to name a few. Once installed, Azure Pack affords customers the ability to deploy all Microsoft enterprise applications on the Azure Pack Virtual Machines, from SharePoint to Dynamics and even Exchange.

This, when combined with the Arcserve UDP next generation data protection offering, ensures you have proven replication, high availability and true de-duplication capabilities across our Azure Pack Cloud platform. It’s the perfect marriage of enterprise efficiency and world-class data protection and data recovery.

“The cloud can be a safe, cost effective place to host and run your business. But you need to make the right technology decisions when taking your cloud journey. It is because of this that we are working with our vendor partners to ascertain which solutions work together to ensure a secure, manageable, easy to deploy, flexible and cost effective cloud experience that won’t fail when they elect to migrate to the cloud. I believe that the combination of Azure Pack and Arcserve provides just this which is why we are putting our money where out mouth is and offering our customers this service,” ends Kropf.