A South African app is offering to bring users more of what they love using a clever, insightful artificial intelligence (AI) tool.
Jottr is a South African start-up making it big in Silicon Valley. Their first content-driven app promises to read a user’s mind like a book. Connected to thousands of valuable content sources, it delivers the ultimate personalised experience through clever analysis of a user’s behaviour.

The first version of the platform is so insightful it has been given an identity and a gender. Following the lead of intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Cortana, Jottr is female and she’s ready to make promises on what she can deliver.

The average person cycles through dozens of news sources before finding the entertaining or professional content they seek. Often they will stumble across content that’s pushed in their faces, content that’s often depressing in nature, content they don’t want to see.

Jottr is different. Through every delicate stroke, every purposeful article close and every double tap, it builds a personal Interest Graph through which millions of news releases and blog articles are filtered to bring you what you love.

Users won’t be assaulted with irrelevant news, and they won’t be sent off on a tangent. Sources span every genre, covering interests from comical to PhD level ensuring the most intelligent humans can research effectively using this AI tool.

Two of the three founders were born in Africa and the idea was conceived and built in Cape Town.