Mobility and convenience have driven an increase in the usage of notebooks as everyday computing devices. However, while they often feature similar processing power and capabilities compared to desktops, connecting several external monitors as well as printers, external storage and more can prove a challenge.
The Dell E-Port Replicator Docking Station from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), designed for compatibility with selected Dell Latitude notebook models, is a solution.
“Notebooks are getting smaller, thinner and lighter than ever before, adding unprecedented levels of mobility,” says George Lodewick, Dell commercial desktop and notebook specialist at DCC. “This comes at a cost though – typically these newer models have just one or two ports available to connect peripheral equipment like printers, monitors, keyboards and so on.
“While this is not an issue on the move, it does limit office-bound activities and productivity. The Dell E-Port Replicator Docking Station aims to address this problem, offering an externally powered device that enables several peripherals to be connected simultaneously.”
The E-Port Replicator Docking Station is a space-saving port replicator that is ideal for both home and office requirements. It features the latest USB 3.0 technology enabled by Intel with Ivy Bridge (third generation CPU technology), offering improved data transfer up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. In addition, a Display Port 1.2 delivers the ability to daisy chain up to four external displays via a single connector, for additional screen real estate and improved multitasking productivity.
The E-Port Replicator is a Dell Certified accessory, which means it has been rigorously tested to ensure compatibility and reliability with Dell systems and is constructed using only OEM-grade quality components. It features a one-year warranty for replacement in case the device should fail, and if purchased through an authorised Dell reseller and used with a Dell system, is supported by Dell Technical Support.
The Dell E-Port Replicator Docking Station is available immediately from selected resellers and leading retailers.