Shortly after the release of the previous app update, Matrix has become the first tracking company to integrate flexible location sharing within their app offering, creating a more personalised experience for their customers.
Grant Fraser, product and marketing director at MiX Telematics (Africa), says: “We are always looking for ways in which to enrich the customer experience and as such, by understanding customer usage patterns and preferences, we regularly innovate to ensure that not only are we constantly introducing industry-firsts, but ensuring that our product and App puts real power in the hands of the user.”
Previously Matrix introduced features like vehicle tracking, roadside and medical assistance, early warning detection and the ability to monitor a vehicle via a smartphone/computer.
The company has now launched five key new features that encapsulate flexible location sharing and demonstrates their ability to meet the real needs of South African consumers.
“The new additions to the app gives consumers not only access to great features and possibilities but through these, and even more so in months to come, our customers will only need to use their Matrix app for all their vehicle needs and won’t need to move between apps to access different functionality,” Fraser adds.
The new app features include:
* Street View gives a Google Maps street view of the physical location of where the car is parked as well as allows users to navigate up and down the street on their device – giving them an extended view of the area.
* One-touch weather information: The app also integrates a weather service – so you can see the weather at the current location of the car and not merely the province/suburb the user is in.
* My Trips allows users to customise the start and end locations of their trips with their own naming conventions. My Trips also gives users access to detailed information about their vehicle’s past movements as well as enabling them to navigate to the vehicle’s last position. And for those that travel for business, trips can be easily categorised as either business or personal to easily populate the logbook.
* With Navigate Here functionality, customers with multiple vehicles on one account can select a different vehicle, assigned to their account, and plan a navigation route to that vehicle using your phone location as the starting point. They can scroll to the location they want to drive to on the map and, by holding their finger on the destination for three seconds, a route will be plotted.
* Notification history: An in-app notification system lets you know exactly how the vehicle is being driven. And if there are multiple vehicles on the same account, the principle driver can select which vehicle they want notifications for, including harsh braking, harsh cornering, and severe acceleration, over-speeding and battery notification.
“In today’s driver environment, consumers want to be connected, they want ease of use and they want full sight of their vehicles and the locations that surround their everyday lives,” says Fraser