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Futurewave pioneers multi-channel mag

Futurewave pioneers multi-channel mag

Today sees the launch of a new multi-channel publishing venture as IT-Online’s sister publication Futurewave BusinessIT embraces a variety of media.

Futurewave BusinessIT is currently a traditionally-printed magazine, going out to readers in the same format that it has for the past 20 years. The magazine has also been delivered to readers as an e-book for the last two years, and last year also started posting content to a Web site and social media channels.

From today, these media will all come together in a single product.

“With new technology, and the trend towards consuming information in multiple formats, the touch points for reaching readers have increased and changed – and we need to ensure that we are offering them pertinent and valuable information however they wish to receive it,” says Kathy Gibson, publisher of Futurewave Media.

“However, we need to be sensitive to the fact that different media require different forms of information in ways that make sense to that medium.

“For instance an indepth feature offers the reader value when he reads it in the magazine or e-book, with pictures and illustrations helping to impart information; in an online or newsletter format, information should be more pithy and easier to consume, with fewer pictures; on social media, the message must be even more concise and tailored to the device it is consumed on.

“At the same time, it’s important to give readers access to all of these media, so they can consume the most relevant at a particular time or place, but always have access to the full content suite.”

Futurewave BusinessIT is now much more than a magazine:
•It’s a monthly magazine that is still printed and distributed as normal for those readers who prefer to read in this format;
•It’s an e-book, distributed to 12 000 readers and available through the online portal, that retains the familiar look and feel of a magazine and can be read almost exactly like a magazine but on a PC, laptop or tablet device;
•It’s an online portal that offers all the magazine content in a web-friendly format and also updates readers more regularly on what’s happening in the ICT world;
•It’s a weekly newsletter to 12 000 readers, in an easy-to-read format that lets them quickly and effortlessly stay up-to-date;
•It’s a full social media eco-system, with Facebook and Twitter at the heart of thoughtful and informative social media messaging.

Futurewave BusinessIT editor Axel Buhrmann comments: “Importantly, all of these separate elements are not individual products – they are all part of a single, cohesive and multi-channel publication.

“Futurewave BusinessIT is not diversifying – its expanding its reach to be more relevant to its readers; and to give our advertisers the opportunity to reach our blue-chip reader base through a comprehensive multi-channel format

Click through to the various elements of Futurewave BusinessIT: the latest e-book; the web site; Facebook; and Twitter. You can also request your free subscription to the magazine or the newsletter.