Telconet, an Ecuadorian provider of telecommunication services, is deploying Ruckus Smart WiFi products and technology across the country.
With Ruckus, Telconet is providing wireless access to many municipalities in Ecuador, supporting thousands of concurrent users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Telconet has 20 years of expertise in providing Internet access and managed services. Before selecting Ruckus for its nationwide Smart WiFi network, Telconet field-tested it, along with competing equipment from different brands. Upon completing their tests, Telconet chose Ruckus, which provided the best, most reliable coverage, with the ability to successfully handle high user density per access point (AP).
According to Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society (Mintel), in 2014, 1,3-million homes in the country had Internet access. More than 5-million mobile clients were in use, accessing the Internet via WiFi to review and update social media profiles, visit news sites, share multimedia data, and play games on the web, among other online activities.
Telconet’s nationwide Ruckus Smart WiFi network features over 4 000 Ruckus ZoneFlex indoor and outdoor access points.
The network is centrally managed with a combination of Ruckus SmartCell Gateways (SCGs) and Ruckus ZoneDirector controllers, plus Flexmaster software for comprehensive system management and control.
Telconet is also utilising the Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) data analytics platform, a comprehensive reporting and analytics engine purpose-built for carrier grade Wi-Fi infrastructure, to help them analyse the overall operation of their network.
“We chose Ruckus because we found their technology to be very reliable and the best performing solution for our nationwide network,” says Arturo Velasco, chief technology officer at Telconet. “Currently, the Telconet network provides WiFi coverage to over 100 000 users. It took just 15 days to deploy the first set of controllers and access points. Ruckus technology has enabled us to deploy rapidly, while providing the high-performance and network capacity to support large numbers of concurrent users across the country–a tremendous advantage for us versus our competitors.”