In today’s frenetic world there is no room for companies to stand still and bask in the glory of a new product range or service, they have to continually strive to improve on their offerings – almost on a daily basis.
That’s the word from Monique de Klerk, Lenovo’s marketing manager Africa, who says the company is constantly looking to improve and tweak its Yoga brand of consumer products.
“We’ve got a new brand that is taking the company to a new frontier,” De Klerk says. “If you look at the way the world is moving, if you’re not doing something [new] every day you are not going to be successful.
“To be a success you have to look at innovative ways to take the company forward – and not just from a marketing perspective, but from a business perspective too,” she adds.
De Klerk says that the company continually strives to add more to its offerings.
“We’re innovators and we never stand still,” she says. “We are always looking at where the customer experience is going. Take Yoga as an example: There are more working parts in the hinge than there is in the rest of the product. So it is really innovative the way the brand is going.
“It’s our hero product and it’s a franchise where we’re taking innovative features and benefits to a new level,” she says.
De Klerk says that the “good” features of the range, combined with what some would call “weird” features – like the Yoga Home that can be the size of a table – have led to a new campaign aimed at helping Lenovo to keep coming up with more innovations.
#goodweirdsa is the result.
“In support of the new brand we decided to give the Milleniums the opportunity to be our good/weird creative minds,” explains De Klerk. “We’ve asked the Milleniums in South Africa to come up with the weird ways they use their Yoga machines on a daily basis.
She says the concept has garnered considerable success among the younger generation in South Africa with thousands of them contributing. This project, she adds, is yet another way that the company will look to enhance its product offerings and that some of the concepts submitted will give developers more insight into just what this generation of users is looking for in future products.