The World Bank vice-president for Development Finance, Joachim von Amsberg, has asked for the support of members of the African Caucus to raise funds to replenish the International Development Association (IDA).
In order to finance development in an intelligent fashion, the World Bank needs to mobilise about $135-billion in Official Development Assistance (ODA). This amount will attract and leverage new public and private investments.
“We have a large portfolio, a series of projects in preparation that will drive private investment. These are projects for which there is great demand and we are seeking to mobilise possible resources. There is the Ebola problem, floods in Malawi and the earthquake in Nepal as well, which is why the response budget for three years was already exhausted in the first year,” Von Amsberg explains in his presentation on the topic “Funding Options for ODA”.
The record ODA replenishment of $52,1-billion aims to maximise impact on development by leveraging public and private resources, in addition to knowledge, with solid results and efficiency at a low cost.
The demand for regional projects in Africa remains large, and most resources are committed to regional infrastructure projects.
“The strong replenishment of ODA and financial innovations are crucial to fulfilling the agenda for transformation in Africa,” he adds.