Eset has announced the release of new generation of Eset Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server with a redesigned user interface, new anti-spam engine, and antivirus with optional cloud-powered scanning.
The product’s new version comes natively supported by Eset Remote Administrator 6 and presents an ultimate combination of server malware protection, spam filtering and thorough e-mail scanning. Eset Mail Security 6 for Microsoft Exchange Server keeps company communication upright by minimising adverse effects of unsolicited messages on everyday productivity and helps to safeguard this easy-to-reach targeted attack channel which is incoming external e-mail.
To ease the everyday job of company administrators, when dealing with quarantined messages, Eset introduced Local Quarantine Management which allows to review and take actions on the suspected-malware messages via a web-based interface. Local On-Demand Scan allows admins to decrease server resources and to choose which databases and which mailboxes to scan.
New layers of protection featured in Eset Mail Security 6 for Microsoft for Microsoft Exchange Server shield endpoints against evolving threats and include:
* Advanced Memory Scanner – Strengthens protection against heavily obfuscated and/or encrypted malware;
* Exploit Blocker – Fortifies often exploited applications such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components; and
* Anti-Phishing – Scans the content of e-mail messages for links or scripts that might mislead users or trick them into visiting malicious web sites.
Other benefits of Eset Mail Security 6 for Microsoft Exchange Server include the following:
* Snapshot Independence – Allows to define alternative paths for string updates and program modules during initial installation so that a machine restored to earlier snapshot can utilize untouched updates and avoid large downloads;
* Server-Oriented Usage Patterns – All relevant logs that help to analyze server activity and are crucial for troubleshooting are now less than a click away from the main window.