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Desktop-as-a-service set for take-up


Desktop-as-a-service is expected to grow, with as many as 50% of companies expected to embrace it soon.
Citrix has recently announced the 2015 Global DaaS Market Survey, a global survey of service providers who shared their insights on Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) market growth, technology adoption, business trends and user feedback.
The Global DaaS Market Survey generated responses from more than 500 Citrix Service Providers located in 40 countries around the world including South Africa, with the following headline findings:
* Service provider partners predict 71% growth in the DaaS market;
* Adoption of public cloud is set to account for 50% of cloud adoption for DaaS in 2016;
* Vertical focus is still driving business growth with strong presence in markets like finance (11%), manufacturing (11%), and healthcare (10%);
* Service providers are expanding into offering complete workspaces (49%), but also individual hosted offerings like mobility (34%), file share and sync (29%), plus Networking-as-a-Service (17%).
While Citrix reported 50% year-over-year growth in the number of hosted subscription seats delivered by Citrix Service Providers, the new report also shows strong growth in hosted services of all kinds.
A significant finding in the 2015 report is the predicted growth of public cloud for hosted service provider offerings. In 2014, respondents indicated plans to begin a shift to cloud IaaS, and the 2015 results demonstrate even more optimism toward a move to cloud-based resources.
Meanwhile 50% of respondents want to be using public cloud for DaaS by June 2016.