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RICA-like regulations for car owners, drivers

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Drivers won’t get their vehicle and driving licenses unless they register with the Department of Transport, providing proof of their identity and residence.
On 31 October 2014, the Department of Transport published amendments to the National Road Traffic Regulations. Regulation 32A provides for the verification of address particulars on the eNaTIS system.
The department says this is “for purposes of making sure that all people registered on the eNaTIS promptly and timeously receive their vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic-related communique”.
According to the amended regulations anyone who is registered on the eNaTIS or wishes to make use of the eNaTIS services, after a period of 12 months from the date of publication of the regulation in the Gazette, must submit proof of their full names, identity number both residential and postal address.
The regulation, which has already come into effect, will apply to all the drivers and owners of a motor vehicle.
Anyone who doesn’t comply with the regulation will no longer receive vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic related communications.
The regulation doesn’t make it clear where or when the documents need to be submitted.

  • Desperate Dan

    Then we’ll have FICA, RICA & TICA. What a mess