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Ruckus buys WiFi onboarding supplier

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Ruckus Wireless has acquired Cloudpath Networks, a privately held provider of secure WiFi onboarding software, headquartered in Westminster, Colorado.
Cloudpath pioneered secure WiFi onboarding in 2006 and has since become a leader in certificate-based WiFi security with its automated, self-service software.
Ruckus will immediately include Cloudpath software with its Smart Wi-Fi portfolio for education, enterprise, retail and hospitality markets. Cloudpath has a particularly strong business and reputation in the education market, given the need for schools to easily and securely manage an ever-changing array of users and devices. Cloudpath was also first in the industry to support Chromebook devices, helping schools securely integrate that fast-growing platform into their classrooms. Enterprises and retailers likewise use Cloudpath to apply distinct access policies based on user, role and device for employees, guests, contractors and vendors.
“This is a significant leap forward in simplifying Wi-Fi security for both BYOD and IT devices,” says Selina Lo, CEO of Ruckus. “We believe that Cloudpath has the easiest-to-use and most secure onboarding solution on the market, and we’re excited to embrace their technology and talented team as part of the Ruckus family.”
Cloudpath’s software provides a common entry point to securely onboard all new devices. The one-time enrolment process verifies the user and the device and automatically configures the device with the appropriate wireless network and certificate for the desired policy. Returning users connect automatically to the secure network with the appropriate policies, including virtual LANs and access control lists (ACLs) – all of which are applied dynamically. Cloudpath’s proprietary technology makes it easy for IT to manage ongoing WiFi access in large and ever-changing environments.
“WiFi should be easy to use, and we’ve made that a hallmark for how we approach onboarding and security,” says Kevin Koster, Cloudpath founder and CEO. “Employees, guests and students should be able to get easy and secure access from their device of choice, and it should be equally simple for IT to comprehensively manage and secure that access without generating IT support calls when people try to connect.”
For IT managers, Cloudpath offers a Set-It-And-Forget-It Wi-Fi experience that enables IT security and bring your own device (BYOD) policies to be deployed in a scalable, user-friendly manner. Cloudpath’s flagship Enrollment System enables networks to simply and securely adopt certificate-based Wi-Fi, eliminating the IT support costs and user frustration associated with passwords. The Enrollment System has been adopted by leading customers like Syracuse University, Purdue University and Fairfax County Public Schools – and was awarded “Best of Interop” for Wireless & Mobility, as well as a “Best Mobile Identity, Safeguard & Security Products” finalist at Mobile World Congress.

  • jailbush

    Wi Fi
    in the schools is a disaster. Constant screen viewing hampers
    brain development, cognition and the biological effects of chronic
    microwave exposure may cause cancer, neurological problems, blood brain
    barrier permeability, reproductive harm, etc. There are now over a
    dozen sperm studies that confirm sperm damage from using a laptop.
    Microwave radiation from Wi-Fi routers was classified a Class 2B
    carcinogen by the W.H.O. in 2011. None of these microwave emitting
    devices were ever pre-market safety tested. When we measured the
    exposure in my daughter’s school it was 50x’s higher than standing 100
    feet from a cell tower. Science confirms this but the 4 trillion dollar
    telecommunications industry buys scientists, media and members of high
    profile agencies. Industry money is the second
    highest source of revenue that the U.S. “Government” has. How can it be
    that the FCC is funding this disaster and is also in charge of
    regulating microwave exposures of wireless devices. Exposure levels in
    the US
    are 100 x’s higher than levels in Russia and China. What do they know
    about harm that we are not telling??? 34
    Scientific Studies Related to Exposure to Microwave Radiation from