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Siemon launches WheelHouse data centre solutions


Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has launched WheelHouse in Africa; a complete portfolio of advanced data centre solutions.
Aligning the company’s established line of cable and connectivity systems, cabinets, cable management and power distribution with an array of new product innovations, WheelHouse delivers a comprehensive range of advanced data centre solutions to support any size and type of data centre, from large, high-performance computing environments and colocations, to small-to-mid size enterprise data centres.
“WheelHouse takes advantage of innovative, value-add data centre infrastructure solutions designed to speed deployment, improve scalability, enhance manageability and increase efficiency”, explains Alberto Zucchinali, EMEA data centre solutions and services manager at Siemon. “We have combined these solutions with Siemon’s comprehensive data centre design services and industry-leading support in order to help customers optimise their data centre, whilst lowering total cost of ownership.”
Siemon’s WheelHouse portfolio includes end-to end copper cabling systems, advanced fibre cabling, high speed interconnect assemblies, data centre cabinets – including preconfigured cabinets – racks, cable management and accessories, power distribution and infrastructure management.
Z-MAX category 6A F/UTP and TERA(r) category 7A high-performance twisted-pair copper cabling systems are part of the portfolio, including patch panels, patch cords, pre-terminated trunking assemblies and cable.  With LightHouseTM complete advanced fibre range, it also includes the LightStack ultra high-density plug and play system, supporting up to 40/100Gb/s, LC BladePatch jumpers with innovative push-pull latch, feature-rich fibre management solutions and an extensive line of enclosures, field-terminated connectors, jumpers, pigtails and fusion splicing systems.  A selection of Cisco-compatible and independently tested SFP+ QSFP+ passive and active copper and optical cable assemblies provide for the latest ultra high-speed point-to-point applications.
Adding to the infrastructure, WheelHouse includes a comprehensive line of data centre cabinets.  Leading this selection are the innovative VersaPOD(r) and V800, which optimise the valuable Zero-U vertical space between cabinets and at end of row for patching, power distribution and cable management, as well as the robust, cost-effective V600 server cabinets and hot aisle/cold aisle containment solutions. For speed of deployment, V-Built preconfigured and customised data centre cabinets can be preloaded with Siemon connectivity, cable assembles, PDUs, cable management and accessories, preassembled and packaged under one part number to arrive at customer site ready for active equipment. A full line of power distribution solutions are included, with PowerMaxTM and intelligent PDUs available in metered, monitored, smart, switched and managed options with environmental monitoring and DCIM capabilities.
Adding to the control provision are infrastructure management options including EagleEye software  which combines automated infrastructure management (AIM) with future DCIM capabilities, including capacity planning, power and environmental monitoring, virtual machine management and more.
Comprehensive data centre design services complete WheelHouse with 2D and 3D drawings/models, bills of material, thermal analysis, pathway and space planning, and expert guidance on standards compliance, topologies and architectures.