Mahindra Comviva has launched its “first-of-its-kind” Mooditt Digital Store, bringing together the entire ecosystem of content providers, application providers and distribution channels on a single platform and leverages multiple channels of content distribution like Web, APP, WAP, DTH, Radio, TV, IPTV, Text, and IVR for seamless distribution.
Besides enabling a robust content sharing ecosystem, Mooditt Digital Store adds value by bringing automated partner management and data analytics to the table, enabling seamless content flows to various participants of the ecosystem.
Through Mooditt Digital Store, content publishers will easily be able to publish their digital content, be it music, video, audio, text, images, eBooks etc. on a channel that would be directly open to application providers and distribution channels. Along with solving the problem of content discovery and distribution the Digital Store will also take care of all the intermediated activities like commercial arrangements, content publishing and business operations.
Mahindra Comviva’s global content portfolio includes over 1-million digital content spanning audio, video, games, e-books, etc. and partnership with more than 150 content providers across various regions. In Africa alone, the company has collaborated with over 70 content partners including local and international content providers/copyright bodies/ local artists and production houses in the region. Its global footprint spans 31 customers, who provide content-based services.
Atul Madan, head of digital services at Mahindra Comviva, says: “With a vision of reaching out 100 million users through content and content based services, we at Mahindra Comviva have embarked on developing our next exciting offering in the content space – Mooditt Digital Store, which will serve as a one stop shop for content publishers and buyers for their digital needs.”
With the exponential growth of digital content, content discovery and content distribution has become increasingly challenging in today’s world. Fragmented content market makes it challenging for distribution channels to get access to right content in minimal timeframe and for content providers, small time artists and independent content creators to make sure their content reach the right audiences and they are able to monetize efficiently out of it.
“With many enriching features, Mooditt Digital Store will intend to solve these and provide a complete platform that addresses various digital needs of all the stakeholders,” he adds.