The Huawei Consumer Business Group shipped more than 100-million smartphones worldwide in 2015. Over the last five years, shipments of Huawei’s smartphones have increased more than 3 000%, from 3-million in 2010 to 100-million in 2015.

This year’s performance represents an important achievement as Huawei continues to grow and launch several global flagship devices each year that are focused on the premium market and integrate the best in creativity, design, fashion, photography and performance.

“Huawei’s success is not accidental. These results directly reflect the consumer demand for our products, and we’re proud to deliver premium smartphone devices to people around the world,” says Kevin Ho, president of the Huawei Consumer Business Group Handset product line.

“The smartphone landscape is constantly changing as people look for devices that let them extend the boundaries of what’s possible. We look forward to continued growth in 2016 as we expand our product portfolio and partner with some of the world’s top brands to bring the best devices to market.”

In 2015 Huawei recorded a 30% increase in its mid-to-high-end smartphone shipments, including:

* Through September, 4-million P8 smartphone shipments, 7,5-million P7 smartphone shipments, and 6,5-million Mate 7 smartphone shipments.

* The launch of Huawei’s Mate S smartphone, which was sold in 48 countries across Asia and Europe and Europe.

* Huawei’s Nexus 6P smartphone made in collaboration with Google, which

Huawei has established 16 research laboratories in various countries including China, Germany, Sweden, Russia and India.

2015 marked a significant shift in Huawei’s market strategy. While Huawei experienced excellent results in the mid-to-low-end market, this year it launched a series of premium smartphone to expand its portfolio into the high-end market, attracting attention from consumers across the globe. To meet the growing demand for Huawei devices, Huawei established over ten thousand experience centers and franchised stores in China and will open 1 000 additional stores in 2016. By leveraging brick-and-mortar establishments where consumers can hold and try using the devices, quality online and offline retailers and streamlined distribution channels, Huawei is expanding the reach of its devices to people everywhere.