Aptronics has been certified with VMware’s Network Virtualization (NSX) Competency.
Aptronics secured the competency after significantly investing in the skills, training and certifications to fully support the capabilities required of VMware’s NSX solution. Aptronics underpins this with a focus on helping businesses understand their virtualisation needs, delivered via its division of VMware experts, “VMXperts”, who also act as regional VMware service partners.
“Aptronics has earmarked network virtualization as a technology destined to change and shape the way companies build their IT environments,” states Ken Marsden, chief technology officer at VMXperts. “With this in mind, we made the strategic decision to invest in the skills and certifications required to attain VMware’s NSX competency – a company that has already made significant inroads within network virtualisation.”
“By adding the NSX competency to our growing VMware skill set, we’ll be able to cater for the gap in the local market and better map customers’ network virtualisation needs, whilst providing the necessary support.”
According to Marsden, Aptronics has recently closed its first NSX deal. His team is now seeing customers acknowledge that the network virtualization technology will be the future industry standard.
The Aptronics team touts itself as one of the premier solution providers of VMware technologies in South Africa. The company has been globally acknowledged for its efforts by VMware and, in 2013, the company received the Partner Network Award within VMware’s Emerging Markets category.
“This new world of security requires a new type of solution, which is why software-defined networking (SDN), and more specifically network virtualization, has moved from an innovative new technology to a core priority for forward-thinking organisations,” comments Mark Reynolds, general business and partner lead at VMware Southern Africa. “As a result, we are delighted to welcome Aptronics to the growing global network of NSX partners, and their ambition to be one of the first local partners to receive the competency validates their ability to deliver NSX projects within South Africa.”
Reynolds adds that Aptronics has always held a high level of expertise with regards to VMware’s technologies. The company’s recent move into the security sphere is a good market differentiator, meaning it can now deliver security solutions to customers coupled with NSX and subsequently integrate their security services into the hypervisor layer.
NSX is now widely considered both a networking and security solution, and is catering to the local customer’s need for a combined solution.