With a range of fast, powerful internet solutions for home and business use, Linksys high-powered product selection ensures internet connectivity at the touch of a button.
Currently available in South Africa these products include a portfolio of wireless modem routers and a range extender for uninterrupted Internet coverage.
As an international brand that was founded in America, Linksys is a company that supplies data networking hardware products mainly to home users and small businesses.
Three products that perfectly cater to those seeking fast, effective wireless connectivity include the RE4000W, XAC1900 and the RE6500.
The RE4000W extends wireless coverage by repeating and redistributing the signal from the router to the far reaches of your home. It also features cross-band technology, allowing wireless bands to receive information on one band and transmit on the other to reduce dropped data packets.
The result is a stronger, more reliable WiFi signal, allowing you to stay connected on your laptop or mobile device from anywhere inside or even outside your home. Ensure your Netflix or Showmax movie night goes uninterrupted for nothing other than having to refill your popcorn supply.
The XAC1900 Modem Router offers the Linksys Smart WiFi software and tools. Users can remotely access and control their home network any time, from virtually any location. A selection of apps provides additional customization possibilities to take a home network to the next level. High performance router combined with advanced customisations like Parental Controls, Smart WiFi, apps, and more.
The RE6500 features simultaneous dual bands that can deliver up to N300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC867 Mbps (5 GHz) data transfer speeds to reduce traffic and maximize media streaming. With innovative cross-band technology, the dual bands can simultaneously receive information on one band and transmit on the other. This effectively reduces dropped data packets and delivers a stronger, more consistent signal throughout a home.