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MPT delivers modular data centre in Brazzaville


Master Power Technologies (MPT) is delivering a turnkey modular data centre solution to a telecoms company in Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo. The solution is to be delivered as a set of modular, pre-tested containers that comprise a self-contained data centre.
The telecoms giant wanted to expand an existing site in Brazzaville and earmarked an old building for the new data centre. MPT won the tender, contested by seven African and international companies, to design and build the data centre, including demolishing the old premises, building a new one and equipping it with the latest ICT and power management technology.
The solution devised by MPT was a two-storey, modular data centre. The solution is self-sufficient and able to run indefinitely without access to external power sources. The energy component takes up the ground floor of the building to ensure the data centre is self-sufficient, and consisted of generators, a bulk fuel supply and security controls.
Rory Reid, sales and marketing manager at Master Power says the data centre has been divided into two levels of 340 m2 each. The first level contains five Emerson 80 KW HVAC units and the second level contains three units. All in all, the equipment MPT supplied and built into the containers for the project includes:
* 3 200 Amp low-voltage panels;
* Two 500 KW UPS systems;
* Two 2 400 Amp rectifiers;
* Three 1000 KVA FG Wilson generators; and
* One 28 000 litre diesel fuel tank.
MPT will also install 122 cold aisle racks for IT equipment, although this can be expanded as required by the client. The full solution of eight modular containers was assembled and tested in South Africa by MPT before being shipped to Brazzaville. All containers also include a full security solution, which incorporates fire detection and suppression, intrusion alarms and surveillance cameras.
Reid explains that pre-building the modules ensures that they are 100% ready for operations as soon as they arrive on site, and that any setup problems are resolved before installation. The modular construction also means the system is expandable, should the need arise.
To ensure the system runs as required, MPT also installed its in-house developed remote monitoring system, the Universal Controller (UC). The UC was designed to efficiently and cost effectively provide control and monitoring in the power solutions market. It replaces traditional SCADA and PLCs in the monitoring and control environment.
The UC can be used for a wide variety of applications and functions, including battery management, building management, generator control, UPS control, PDU monitoring and more. It allows MPT technicians to monitor the power component of the data centre remotely and resolve most issues, generally before the client realises there is a problem.
To date the ground floor has been equipped and is ready for operations. The full solution will be operational in the first half of 2016, providing the additional ICT services the telco requires to support its expansion in the Republic of Congo.