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Communication Genetics wins FIS contract


Customer communication solutions provider Communication Genetics has secured the contract to supply FIS’s comprehensive customer communication software CFS, to key industries in South Africa including finance, insurance and retail.
FIS is a Florida-based global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies, specifically focused on payment processing and banking solutions.
CSF Designer, sourced through FIS, is a suite of software that allows the user to create and deliver all customer communications, including bills, statements, notices, letters, policies, messaging, direct mail campaigns, booklets, and brochures.
The suite includes CSF DesignerWeb, CSF Re@ltime, CSF FasTest and CSF Designer Intuition.
This technology can generate high-volume recurring documents, or individual customer communications, while enhancing marketing capabilities, strengthening customer relationships, and reducing development costs.
CSF Designer can be used to personalise customer documents, target your clients with specific, actionable targeted messages, and then track the results. The software can handle any size and type of document generation, whether print or electronic, and delivers customer documents anywhere, anytime.
Clients are provided with an enterprise-level software platform that supports the move to electronic delivery while simultaneously giving the opportunity to elevate customer communications.
Fred Steinberg, MD of Communication Genetics, emphasises the advantages of this technology for financial businesses, including integration, easy access, direct delivery, lower document production costs and customised content.
“CSF Designer extends throughout your enterprise, putting the power of document personalisation and automation at the fingertips of your employees,” he says. “Architected for integration, CSF Designer seamlessly links to your existing systems and workflows, increasing the ROI of existing investments and ensuring a high level of user acceptance.
“We are delighted to have been selected as a premier supplier of this technology to major financial businesses in South Africa. We are confident of the high-end value this technology adds,” Steinberg adds.