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Nutanix stays on top of customer loyalty


Nutanix has received the Omega NorthFace Scoreboard Award for the third consecutive year, demonstrating its on-going commitment to building sustainable, long-term customer loyalty.
“We are extremely proud to be recognised for our unwavering commitment to the Nutanix customer experience for the third year running,” says Deepak Chawla, vice-president of worldwide support at Nutanix. “For many companies, rapid growth comes at the expense of customer satisfaction.
“At Nutanix, we have remarkably doubled our customer base in the last year while simultaneously increasing our NPS to a score that we believe puts us at the very top of our industry. We are delighted to see that our efforts to provide the support and services to create a more intelligent infrastructure have been validated by our customers.”
Omega judges based the results on customer satisfaction and the overall NPS scores received by the company from its customers and partners. Nutanix was granted the award from Omega NorthFace based on its superior scores for both criteria.
According to Omega Group, Nutanix’s Net Promoter Score improved to 92 from last year’s score of 88. The gold standard in customer experience management, NPS measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company. NPS scores can range from -100 to 100.
“Our research shows companies that consistently achieve high NPS scores are superior at establishing customer loyalty,” says Tony Santilli, chief customer officer at Omega Management. “Scores at this level lock in profitable long-term customer relationships and significantly raise the bar for competitors. By focusing on customer needs, organisations set themselves up to succeed for years to come. A score of 92 signifies a ranking that’s truly best in its class, Nutanix met that marker.”
The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award program was created in 2000 to recognise organisations that offer superior service to their customers and provide a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Organisations are judged based on categories such as technical support, field service, account management and customer training.