Service Parts Logistics, Africa’s largest IT parts distributor, has been appointed by ServiceLife Accessories , an brand of ultra-high quality parts and accessories.
ServiceLife is backed by leading Asia-Pacific’s producers of laptop accessories, computing accessories, print consumables and server and networking peripherals. These products include:
* Storage (SSD, flash memory)
* Memory (laptop, desktop, server, networking)
* AC Adapters (laptop and printer chargers)
* Printer Fusing Assemblies and Maintenance Kits
* Laptop, Cellphone and Tablet Batteries
* Networking accessories (transceivers)
SPL is best known in the industry for being the authorised parts distributor and in many instances the sole distributor, in Africa and the Middle East for major IT brands like HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba and Fujitsu, amongst others.
ServiceLife represents affordability, convenience and quality in IT accessories: “We are able to place ourselves far above our competitors due to our unbeatable prices, our “no-questions” warranty, our high monthly production capacity and our cutting-edge research and development,” says a ServiceLife Accessories spokesperson.
The future includes ServiceLife’s goal to be one of the top 3 professional suppliers of compatible laptop batteries and AC adapters in EMEA, and top five in printer parts. This will be achieved through their dedication to customer service, efficiency in manufacturing and production, meticulousness and attention to detail and testing and innovation with new product development.