By Mark Davison at EMC, London – In what it is describing as a quantum leap for both the company and the industry, EMC has committed to all-flash storage solutions in its enterprise storage strategy going forward.
And the company says the launch yesterday in London of its new flagship Vmax All Flash platform and DSSD’s D5 rack-scale flash solution underscores its commitment to all-flash array for primary storage.
Jeremy Burton, president of Products and Marketing at EMC, says this year marks an inflection point in the price of flash memory, making all-flash storage a viable proposition.
“We were the first to use flash in a hybrid system in 2008,” Burton says. “And today, we’re now looking at all-flash solutions. The reduction in the costs associated with flash have made this viable. This year is the inflection point where it is more economical to deploy flash than performance hard drives.
“We’ve declared 2016 to be the year of all-flash for primary storage,” Burton adds.
The company says its all-flash portfolio is purpose-built to address virtually any enterprise data centre use case and includes:
• XtremIO all-flash arrays for accelerating and consolidating mixed block storage workloads such as databases, analytics, server virtual machines, and virtual desktop infrastructures that require consistent and predictable performance with sub-millisecond latencies. XtremIO is designed to address most high-end enterprise workloads with some of the industry’s best inline data compression and de-duplication capabilities for improved capacity economics.
• VMAX All Flash for consolidating mixed block and file workloads that require up to “six-nines” of enterprise availability, rich data services, IBM mainframe and iSeries support, and scalable storage growth. VMAX All Flash offers the gold standard of replication, recovery, data services and quality of service, re-engineered with all flash to deliver up to four petabytes (PB) of storage capacity.
• DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash – a new flash storage category with breakthrough performance – for the most performance-intensive, traditional and next-generation use cases that require microsecond latencies such as real-time analytics for Hadoop and Oracle.
• VNX Series arrays provide EMC’s simplest and most economic all-flash offering. The all-flash VNXe starts at less than $25K and offers support for file and block workloads for midrange enterprises and departmental workloads.
“Today’s enterprise customer wants to enable their business with modern data centres that deliver agility, efficiency and speed,” says Burton. “We’re expanding upon EMC’s primary storage strengths and all-flash leadership, built with XtremIO. With the introduction of VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5 there is virtually no data centre use case we’re unable to address from traditional high-end enterprise workloads, to use cases that people haven’t even dreamt about in the data centre of tomorrow.”