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Kaspersky Lab launches security intelligence services


Kaspersky Lab has expanded its enterprise portfolio with the launch of Security Intelligence Services – a diverse set of services aimed at faster sharing of leading security expertise and transforming knowledge into protection for its clients.
Aimed primarily at Security Operation Centers, personnel of large businesses and Service Providers, Security Intelligence Services include threat data feeds and intelligence reporting, security awareness programmes and training for professionals, specialist services such as penetration testing, and application security assessment.
“We are observing a major shift towards an adaptive security strategy, especially among large businesses,” says Veniamin Levtsov, Kaspersky Lab’s Vice President, Enterprise and Presales. “Enterprises understand that, on top of their ongoing threat prevention and compliance challenges they need tools and intelligence to identify complex and targeted threats and to reduce the potential damage.
“At Kaspersky Lab we believe that sharing our leading security intelligence in the actionable, comprehensible form of security services and next-generation solutions is the right path to better security. Introducing Security Intelligence Services that address major, time-critical enterprise security threats is the first milestone of our new business strategy, aimed at accelerating the transformation of security expertise into real protection for our customers.”
Kaspersky Lab’s Security Intelligence Services are designed to meet the most frequent demands of large organisations, governmental agencies, ISPs, Telecoms and Managed Security Service Providers, and comprise of three major branches. They include security assessment, training and threat intelligence.
Security Assessment services is a brand new security offering from Kaspersky Lab that includes Penetration Testing and Application Security Assessment. Allowing corporate clients to predict the specifics of a cyber attack before it happens, Kaspersky Lab speeds up transformation of intelligence into real protection. Kaspersky Lab’s dedicated team of security experts is assigned to support this service offer, and can test a company’s protection against the wide variety of attack methods.
The important part of the Security Intelligence Services offering is the Cybersecurity Training.  Employing the best gamification techniques and based on the latest intelligence in social engineering and targeted attacks, Cybersecurity Awareness programme for the businesses workforce epitomises the experiential learning, and has already produced excellent results during test runs.
Kaspersky Lab also shares its security expertise with fellow IT Security professionals. A major part of the Cybersecurity Training offering is Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering training. Aimed at speeding up response to cyber attacks, this training suits Enterprises and MSSPs as well as governmental and law enforcement agencies.
One of the notable examples of successful intelligence sharing is Kaspersky Lab’s cooperation with City of London Police and Interpol. The training provides IT Security professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber attacks.
The Threat intelligence branch of Security Intelligence Services package allows companies to access threat intelligence data from Kaspersky Lab through Threat Data Feeds and Botnet Tracking. Threat Data Feeds include prompt information on malicious programmes and URLs, phishing attacks and mobile threats, and are compatible with the popular third-party SIEM solutions. The fruit of Kaspersky Lab’s security experts’ work is also available in a form of tailored Intelligence Reporting, made-to-order reports on specific aspects of the threat landscape as well as prompt, actionable reports on the latest and most sophisticated threats.