The wives of members of the Ashley Madison cheating site have begun receiving letters from a blackmailer.
According to report from computer security analyst Graham Cluley, this follows blackmail demands that members themselves received last year, demanding the payment of thousands of dollars in Bitcoins to prevent their involvement in the site being shared.
It now appears that the blackmailer is following up on these threats, sending letters to the wives of people who didn’t pay the initial ransom demands.
The new letter outlines how the member used the site, and describes how he refused to pay an earlier blackmail amount.
It goes on to demand even more money – either from the wife who is presumably keen to stop the information being spread further; or from the husband in the event he intercepted the letter.
The letter describes exactly how to pay the ransom in Bitcoin, and sets a 10-day deadline for receipt of the money.
Cluley advises people receiving these demands not to pay, but to turn the letters over the law enforcement agencies