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City, business can help to relieve M1 impact


The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) urges both business and the City of Johannebsueg take a proactive approach to minimise the significant impact that the M1 freeway rehabilitation is going to have on road traffic.
“While this is an essential project, the impact on commuters and businesses will be considerable,” says Joan Warburton-McBride, CEO of JCCI.
Commuters are already experiencing the frustration of traffic gridlock adding considerably to their travel time, she says. In addition, the stop-start driving will increase petrol costs and the wear and tear on vehicles, which, together with the increased fuel levy and e-tolls, is going to result in extremely stressed drivers. Businesses will also be adversely affected by their workers arriving late and the increased costs of transporting goods.
Warburton-McBride urges the City to do what it can to alleviate some of the pain by making an extra effort to ensure that routine road maintenance is done since things like out-of-order traffic lights contribute enormously to congestion. General City housekeeping such as potholes, storm water drains, road markings and visible policing to ensure road rules are being obeyed will help.
Business can also contribute by allowing flexible working hours. If commuters are able to time their trips to and from work outside the normal peak hours, or work at least part-time from home, it would help considerably, Warburton-McBride says.
“We all need to play a role in trying to alleviate the consequences of the road improvement projects,” she adds.