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New security platform from Arbor Networks


Arbor Networks has introduced a new security platform for advanced threat protection.
Arbor Network Spectrum is designed specifically for security teams, from the most senior responder to novice analysts, to search the entire network to uncover, investigate and prove sophisticated attack campaigns within minutes, not hours or days.
By integrating intuitive “speed of thought” workflows and Arbor’s matchless visibility into threat actor activity happening on the global Internet, Arbor Spectrum uncovers the internal conversations and lateral movement of attackers on customer networks to reduce business risk from advanced cyber-threats.
Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) is a global collaborative platform with more than 300 Arbor service provider customers sharing traffic and threat data, giving Arbor visibility into approximately one-third of all Internet traffic.
Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) utilises a combination of ATLAS information, in-depth malware research and data from real-time botnet activity monitoring to understand current threats. ASERT knows when an attack is launched immediately, and what data the attackers are receiving back, enabling Arbor to provide much needed risk context. Through this global lens, Arbor allows defenders to move at the same speed as the attackers regardless of where and whom they are targeting.
Arbor Networks Spectrum integrates ATLAS global threat intelligence with real-time visual workflows and analytics of all network and threat activity, past and present. Arbor Networks Spectrum platform instruments flow and performs packet capture, allowing defenders to surface and then search to detect, investigate and prove threats within and across the network 10X faster than traditional forensics or SIEM solutions.
“Within the growing cybercrime landscape in Africa, CIOs can never assume that a security project is completed and file it away – it is a continuous and ongoing process. Today’s attacks are so different from just two year’s ago and Arbor’s Spectrum platform makes it possible to see the whole story from the only common point and primary information source that is to be trusted – that is, the network and the traffic that flows across it,” says Bryan Hamman, territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Arbor Networks.