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EOH goes big with Cloudera

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EOH has announced that it has partnered with Cloudera to offer EOH Cloudera Services, a complete, robust and collaborative information management platform that is built on Cloudera Enterprise, the world’s most popular Apache Hadoop solution.

Built on Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, Cloudera Enterprise can help solve the toughest business challenges, delivering the right information to gain accurate, timely insights. Currently, more than 65% of the Fortune 100 is using big data to drive their business.

EOH Cloudera Services competency manager, Louis de Gouveia, says that according to a recent Gartner survey, more than 75% of companies are investing or planning to invest in big data in the next two years. “Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is facing a major evolution in the form of big data and businesses need to come to terms with how to manage the increasing variety, volume and velocity of information.”

De Gouveia continues by saying that large amounts of data require specialised data processing to derive the true value from the data, “EOH Cloudera Services has experienced certified consultants that will assist in discovering, extracting from multiple sources, transforming and loading the company’s data into a single pool of data.”

“We will help empower business users and analysts to easily visualise, analyse and report on data in Cloudera Enterprise in order to expose the true insights in our customers’ data. This ability to analyse data intelligently and effectively results in increased overall business value, with higher growth, productivity and profitability,” he adds.

EOH Cloudera Services’ data scientists can assist customers with predictive analytics, machine learning and data mining techniques to drive value out of any organisation’s big data. The ability to extract insights from large amounts of data requires a specialised skillset that will use statistical and mathematical methods to extract hidden insights from data that would usually go unnoticed.

De Gouveia stresses that any successful solution must be built on a solid base. “In order to obtain value from data in Cloudera Enterprise it is critical to establish the system architecture to support businesses big data requirements. EOH can assist in laying the foundation of organisations’ solutions by offering various infrastructure services.”

EOH Cloudera Services will soon offer expert Cloudera certified training. Cloudera courses offered by EOH will include Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop, Cloudera Administrator Training and Data Analyst Training.

  • Ilya Geller

    Do you know Cloudera uses SQL only? Do you know Cloudera cannot structure unstructured data?

    Meanwhile IBM and Oracle already began to structure unstructured data.

    How IBM and Oracle structure data?
    “By treating data in its natural state rather than breaking it into formal structures, IBM Graph will enable users to uncover previously hidden patterns in large data sets,” Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM Analytics Platform Services, said.
    ‘Term weights represent an extremely powerful feature, and care should be taken when using them… terms in an index are automatically weighted based on their distribution in the indexed content.’

    For instance, there are two sentences:
    a) ‘Sam!’
    b) ‘A loud ringing of one of the bells was followed by the appearance of a smart chambermaid in the upper sleeping gallery, who, after tapping at one of the doors, and receiving a request from within, called over the balustrades -‘Sam!’.’
    Evidently, that the ‘Sam’ has different importance into both sentences, in regard to extra information in both. This distinction is reflected as the phrases, which contain ‘Sam’, weights: the first has 1, the second – 0.08; the greater weight signifies stronger emotional ‘acuteness’; where the weight refers to the frequency that a phrase occurs in relation to other phrases; the sentences parsing is performed based on their restored clauses.

    Clouera still lives at Stone Age = uses SQL.