Obsidian has become the first Atlassian Authorised Training Provider in South Africa.
Atlassian provides tools that enable support, development and management teams to work toward agile methodology and ensure service delivery is aligned with customer expectations while optimising business costs. From ticketing solutions to managing delivery of software development, Atlassian is easy to use, configurable, customisable and scalable.
Currently the organisation is offering three highly focused courses on the Atlassian JIRA stable of products. The JIRA Essentials course provides in-depth training for users, including JIRA Software and JIRA Core, while the JIRA Admin Part 01 and Part 02 courses provide insight into configuration, customisation and management.
“The JIRA Essentials course is ideal for those who are new to JIRA as well as product managers and project administrators, JIRA application admins and system admins,” explains Lisa Schaffer, DevOps expert at Obsidian Systems. “The JIRA Admin Part 01 and Part 02 courses then take the analysis and training to the next level. JIRA project managers or program managers, project administrators and system administrators will benefit greatly from what these two courses have to offer.”
The training provides attendees with rich insight into JIRA and the business value, its capabilities and how to utilise it to its full extent.  The courses are structured to provide hands-on training and an opportunity for attendees to really get involved with the features embedded within the Atlassian product portfolio. Through engaging and practical sessions, the JIRA training courses assure increased confidence, stronger command of JIRA features, the ability to configure JIRA projects to meet specific business requirements and insight into JIRA permissions and best practice.
“From the introductory JIRA Essentials through to JIRA Admin Part 2, we ensure that trainees are given the tools they need to really understand and manage JIRA’s potential,” adds Grant Finnemore, Managing Director of Guruhut. “Once they have completed the courses, attendees will be able to handle significant layers of JIRA capability and will be able to translate these into enterprise-level solutions.”