Sherwood International, a specialist in providing customised in-bound supply chain solutions into Africa, has implemented the Sage X3 business management solution to boost efficiencies in its operations and gain better visibility into its business.
SynergERP supported Sherwood with consulting, implementation and training services for the rollout of the new system. With Sage X3 in place, Sherwood now has an integrated, real-time business system that improves financial controls and provides them with insight into sales, shipping turnaround times, stock on order and in the warehouse, and financial transactions.
The company, part of JSE listed Super Group, decided in 2014 to replace its legacy platform with a modern, modular system that offers more business agility. It chose Sage X3 as its solution of choice because it is flexible, configurable and easy to use.
Eslie Badenhorst, Operations Manager at Sherwood, says that one of the immediate benefits of Sage X3 is that it allows the company to capture and analyse product information in real-time. As a result, it has better insight into pricing and contracts, which in turn help it to offer faster turnaround times for clients and to be more informed in its negotiations with suppliers.
The system is empowering Sherwood to have better visibility into its stock holdings and to communicate more efficiently with its customers. It can, for example, use pre-defined wording and templates for printed documents and automated emails for customers and suppliers.
“We have also been able to streamline finances and improve operational controls,” Eslie Badenhorst says. “Sage X3 promotes better segregation of duties, for example, reducing the chance of errors and fraud. Bank reconciliation is a smoother and simpler process to follow.”
Sage X3 makes it easier for Sherwood to track payments and invoices and manage fixed assets, and offers rich financial reporting tools. The sales and operational team have reporting dashboards that enable them to track open orders, deliveries not invoiced and other sales processes.
The project finished in time and on budget. Ashley Regenass, Chief Executive Officer of SynergERP says this is because Sherwood deployed an elite team of business users to oversee the project, worked closely with SynergERP to define the scope, and managed expectations tightly throughout the implementation of the system.
“In a time of seismic technological change and digital invention, we enable our customers to focus on their business and help them to leapfrog to the future,” says Keith Fenner, Vice President Sage X3 International. “Sage X3 enables companies like Sherwood to gain better operational control and make decisions based on current and relevant information. It provides them with a platform for growth as they target new opportunities in the market.”