SponsorSA.com has launches its online web site giving property rights holders, investors and suppliers in the sponsorship industry a one stop shop for information on South African sponsorship opportunities.
Sponsorship is a toolbox of marketing elements such as strategy, advertising, creative, media, events, research, hospitality and more.
Initially however it can be an extremely time consuming exercise.  Marketers are tasked with wading through proposal after proposal, let alone tuning into hearsay and grappling with the thought of overlooked properties to find the right partnership.
On the flip side, rights owners, due to the lack of resources, find it extremely difficult to grab the attention of potential sponsors, find the time to knock on the 100th door of a potential investor, let alone know where to look in the first place.
With a career in marketing, founder and owner of SponsorSA.com Alison Spratley states: “I find it unbelievable that even today sponsorship decision makers have to wade through pages and pages of more than 50 proposals a day.  It’s time consuming to find a brand aligned sponsorship opportunity.
“There are many brands, big and small, that look to support South African projects in education, the arts, sport, community or entertainment.  Potential investors only notice property owners that bang their drum loud enough, and quite frankly those who are well connected.”
SSome sponsorship properties have priced themselves way out of the market for those less fortunate marketing budgets, leaving marketers scrambling for that something special, yet affordable project to partner on.   SponsorSA.com quite simply gives sponsorship decision makers one place to peruse at their leisure.
Three main sources of information can be found on the Sponsorsa.com website providing vital support to sponsorship campaigns.
* Properties – Whether you’re an entity or individual or group seeking sponsorship in cash or in kind, list property information on www.sponsorsa.com to register your cause or event and get noticed by interested South African investors and suppliers.
* Subscribers gives investors one place to look for investment opportunities. Investors are able to sort the listed properties by geographic location, value requirement, target audience splits, date and categories of sponsorship at a click of a button. What’s more, subscribing investors get access to current contact details and deal directly with property owners.
* SupplyShack lists companies offering services to the sponsorship industry including activation, sponsorship packages, publicity, market research, campaign management services and more.