Stratus Technologies has extended its commitment to Industrial Automation worldwide with the Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for IIoT.
Providing a proven always-on foundation for IIoT deployments, the Stratus solution features Stratus ftServer technology with VMware vSphere 6, as well as application monitoring and OPC integration.
Stratus is reducing the complexity and risk that can be associated with software defined Industrial Automation technologies, bringing the best of both worlds to OT and IT.
For OT organisations, the Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for IIoT delivers an operationally simple platform, an intuitive dashboard with visibility into system and application health, and continuous availability. And for IT, the solution provides a standard platform that can be integrated into existing management and security processes.
“The business potential IIoT can bring to Industrial Automation is a game changer for our customers,” says Jason Andersen, vice-president of business line management at Stratus Technologies. “As more software is being deployed to support IIoT, successful IIoT implementation is reliant on absolute integrity of data right from the source. As SCADA and sensor systems increase in complexity and their data collection rates move to milli-second intervals, the need for reliability and availability increases even more. In addition, with continued virtualization adoption in IT, we are further reducing complexity for our OT customers by delivering our solution¬† with VMware vSphere 6.”
Stratus is streamlining and simplifying the continuous availability and management of industrial applications in three ways:
* Operational Simplicity – By consolidating traditionally disparate systems, ftServer Gen8 for VMware streamlines the management of different devices, such as servers,
management consoles and external storage, into a single high-performance solution for industrial automation teams in remote locations with limited IT resources.
* Full Visibility – By integrating Sightline AssureTM, Stratus delivers full visibility across the entire infrastructure (from bare metal to the applications), enabling continuous monitoring in order to predict performance issues in advance, and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss.
* Open Platform Communications – By adopting the OPC standard the Stratus solution becomes an integral part of the entire industrial automation infrastructure and interoperability with other business critical applications is further extended.