Correlsense, an Israeli enterprise application performance management (APM) company, has announced a new strategic marketing partnership with DJT Group, trading as ASG Africa, to provide its SharePath software in South Africa.
The partnership is a direct continuation of the company’s strategy to collaborate with local channel partners to make SharePath available to enterprises around the world.
Correlsense views new channel partners as essential to both its own success and the success of enterprises seeking a holistic perspective of their user’s end-to-end experience.
“Today, most enterprise use hybrid applications with many components across multiple networks, middleware and databases,” says Dave Templeman, MD of  DJT Group, trading as ASG Africa. “Correlsense’s SharePath meets this challenge as it can monitor performance issues across the largest variety of platforms and components in the application performance management market.”
Lanir Shacham, CEO of Correlsense, adds: “We are excited to partner with DJT Group, trading as ASG Africa. South Africa is one of the top emerging markets in the world, and is today driving the development and distribution of new and innovative technologies.
“With a performance management solution like SharePath, more businesses and IT teams can effectively monitor and troubleshoot Cloud, virtual, and traditional IT applications to promote continuous improvements in both performance and user experience.”