Allowing SMEs to improve communication efficiency, increase productivity, reduce travel costs and enjoy flexibility, Nology, the official Yealink platinum distributor now offers its leading video conferencing products to the South African market.
There’s no denying that the Internet has changed the world for good.  Almost everything we do is affected by our connection to the World Wide Web, and business communication is no different.  Whole industries are changing radically, with more people working virtually and in multiple locations.  New technologies and a more global workplace are literally changing how we work, who we work with and how we keep in touch with them.
It wasn’t too long ago that video conferencing was just a clunky novelty, but fast moving improvements in technology and software design have made it a powerful tool in business and commerce.
Video conferencing can make running a business cheaper, easier and more efficient in multiple ways – for one, it can completely eliminate the need for a brick-and-mortar office.  Companies can still meet each other face-to-face in a single video call with dozens of participants and find a way to efficiently manage operations with less time spent commuting and less energy spent at the company’s expense.  The key is finding a quality video conferencing provider to make conference calls seamless.
“With the rapid adoption of VoIP into the voice space, so too has the demand for IP-based video communication increased,” says Alex Bantjes, product manager at Nology. “Logically, video conferencing represents the new frontier of communication, and with the development of high quality and cost effective video conferencing devices as offered by Yealink, this frontier is becoming ever more in reach of your business’ boardroom,” Bantjes adds.  “Yealink enables easy unified communication, collaboration and content sharing and should certainly be your brand of choice when considering a step into the future of communication.”
With customers from more than 100 countries worldwide enjoying Yealink’s reliable UC terminal solutions, Bantjes recommendation is well substantiated.
Nology has built a reputation locally for being the technology partner of choice to service providers, telecoms and network operators, supplying and supporting quality IP-enabled networking and communication products and solutions for the home and SME markets.
One such product is the Video Conferencing range produced by Yealink.  With support for Intelligent Firewall Traversal, friendly user interface and intuitive operation, Yealink’s Video Conferencing System (VCS) is easy to use, allowing users go from a newly opened package to first video conference call in 5 minutes without much training.  Aside from saving you time, there is also no need to upgrade existing networks in order to accommodate the Yealink VCS, nor are there any additional licensing fees, which mean that your business also saves money.
Unlike other competitive products, Yealink’s T49G VCS phone can be also be used as an audio conferencing phone, meaning that customers don’t need to deploy two products in one conference room for different meetings.
There are a host of other reasons to give video conference calling a try and many SMEs are eager to use this rapidly developing technology to improve communication efficiency, increase productivity, reduce travel costs and enjoy flexibility.