Russia’s flagship carrier, Aeroflot, is the world’s first airline to achieve a single view of all its commercial data, using AirVision Commercial Analytics, developed by Sabre.
The pioneering analytics solution from Sabre addresses one of the airline industry’s biggest challenges – obtaining a consolidated and accurate view of data generated from across the commercial planning division of airlines.  By bringing that data into one place, Commercial Analytics is able to provide airlines with unique and actionable insights that create competitive advantage and empower employees from across multiple commercial departments to make more informed decisions.
“Sabre continues to significantly invest in solving the most challenging industry problems, including revenue stream diversity,” says Darren Rickey, vice-president of AirVision at Sabre Airline Solutions.  “Partners such as Aeroflot are looking to make the complex transition towards becoming more customer-centric retailers.
“We are focused on helping them cross that bridge by providing one version of the truth and a continuous stream of insights that can be quickly actioned to help drive maximum revenue while clearing a path to faster and smarter decisions.”
“We are proud to be working with Aeroflot to develop and launch new technology that will help it capitalize on an increasing number of new revenue streams,” says Dino Gelmetti, vice-president: EMEA at Airline Solutions. “Aeroflot operates a vast and complex network of flights in the region and we are committed to working with the airline to develop new, industry-leading technology that can help it to continue its steady growth.
“By expanding our strategic relationship with Aeroflot through developing new customer-centric technology, Aeroflot can make a significant impact on continually enhancing the travel experience.”
Commercial Analytics has been designed to help airlines optimize revenue per passenger instead of revenue per seat, a key enabler of achieving total revenue optimisation. The solution provides insight into historical and forward-looking revenue trends while offering a sophisticated analytical approach to customer segmentation, and partnership and alliance analysis.
Featuring integrated market metrics and predictive intelligence, it is also the only solution in the market to measure the impact of passenger behaviour on an airline’s revenue, helping airlines become true retailers.
“Identifying new revenue streams and improving efficiencies across our vast partnership network is a key business priority for Aeroflot,” says Kirill Bogdanov, chief information officer and deputy CEO of Aeroflot.  “Commercial Analytics is a breakthrough in airline specific analytics and will give us true visibility into forward-looking interline revenue and codeshare opportunities that would otherwise be missed.  This supports our growth goals and our commitment to innovating using the latest technology.”