Network Platforms has developed an impressively special offer to deliver enterprise-level connectivity to organisations in certain areas. The offer provides clients with high-speed, powerful and always-on connectivity functionality at a market-leading price point.
“For clients who wish to host their office requirements in the cloud, Network Platforms has everything they need to get there,” says Brad Love, CEO of Network Platforms. “This enterprise quality offer has been designed to provide our clients with best of breed agility and capability so they can get the most from their cloud infrastructure and investment.”
The Network Platforms offer provides users with 100Mbps dedicated line to their cloud infrastructure with 100Mbps dedicated breakout for only R9 850 per month. This nets the business a 200Mbps fibre connection to the datacentre with 100Mbps 1:1 uncapped and unshaped internet breakout across all five undersea cables – SAT-3, WACS, Seacom, SAFE and EASSY.
“In addition, clients can complement this offer with any one of our wide range of cloud services, hosted PBX solutions, back-up systems, co-location and virtual environment solutions, as well as an array of value-added services which include monitoring, security and network management,” Love says.
Network Platforms has opted to use selected locations is because they fall within areas which are close to one of our fibre pops. However, should you not fit into one of these areas, Network Platforms still has a special offering for you at slightly different rates, we can provide 50Mbps fibre and 50Mbps bandwidth at R13 495 in major metropolitan areas. You still receive the guarantee of uncapped and uncontended performance.